Trying to Fit In

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

I just recently left a toxic job. I've worked in construction for about 8 years at this point, so I've seen it all but this place took the cake. This job in particular came with great benefits, great pay, but the worst anxiety I've every felt. I was having trouble managing Lupus symptoms and everyday was a battle. I found myself hardening to fit in.

I randomly came across this video and I love his message especially at the 1:00 mark. It's not always that we don't want to make improvements, it's that some situations are better left sooner than later. I needed to recognize that the environment was toxic for me and find a way out to heal and recalibrate.

For anyone who is going through a difficult time or struggling in some way, this message is for you. I hope that it provides new perspective in viewing your situation.