Nontoxic Deodorant

I’m one of the last women in my immediate family to switch over to non-toxic deodorant. Most of the “natural” deodorants I’ve tried in the past simply don’t work and I’m not bold enough to use deodorant that doesn’t work on 90-degree days in DC or climbing up scaffolding at work. Straight baking soda and limes burn my underarms so that’s out. Luckily, this summer my sister turned me on to aluminum-free and non-toxic deodorant for good.

My sister had a co-worker that developed tumors in her armpits from antiperspirant use. That was enough for her. While studies connecting antiperspirants and deodorants to diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s are inconclusive, the idea of placing artificial fragrance, hormone disruptors and other chemicals at my lymph nodes has lost it’s appeal over the years. While I’m still fairly new in my transition to nontoxic deodorant, I know that it’s worth the switch. Below are a few options to try:

SimplyPut deodorant, $9

Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant Stick, $9

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