Reflecting on the Full Moon in Aries

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Full moons symbolize optimism, fulfillment, ripeness and fertility. Specifically, this Aries full moon (October 13, 2019), brings fiery/burning energy to assist with aligning ourselves with our desires. It gives us the confidence and passion to pursue our dreams.

Moon rituals are ancient and people have been leveraging the power of the moon since the beginning of time. Farmers use a farmer’s almanac to forecast the best days for mowing to slow growth, canning fruits and vegetables, and harvesting-- all based on tidal waves and complex mathematical computations. My own maternal grandmother also consulted the farmer’s almanac and only cut our hair during the new moon phases to promote growth.

I enjoy performing Moon rituals because it allows me to take stock of where I am in regards to my true desires. It allows me to examine all the things that I have to be grateful for and to refocus my energy on things that need to be adjusted.

Leading up to the full moon, I evaluate the emotions and feelings that I’m experiencing and give myself the necessary latitude, learning to be gentle and accepting of myself. My personal full moon routine includes cleaning, clearing, meditating, writing and releasing.

Clean and Clear

I clean my spaces and clear out clutter in preparation to receive the full energy of the full moon phase. After I clean my spaces, I set the mood and my intentions. I clear the space with sage or a clearing incense, light candles, and gather a white piece of paper and blue pen. I play music with positive vibrations - Google 432Hz, 528 Hz or binaural beats for a couple of my favorites on Youtube.

Meditate and Write it Down

I gather my thoughts either through meditation and/or deep concentration and appreciate the things that have already come to fruition. Then I evaluate the things or items in my life that require more movement or redirection. On a blank piece of white paper I thoughtfully write down my specific desires as statements in present, continuous tense and concentrate on the feeling that experiencing that event evokes in me. For example, I enjoy working from home; it is so invigorating and exciting.


I usually keep my full moon writings in a box with rose quartz and lock it away out of sight and release any attachment. Sometimes, I’ll check back in a few weeks and review the writings and see what things have manifested.

Moon rituals are an enjoyable exercise in expressing gratitude and using the power of the moon to gain momentum in manifesting your dreams. The next full moon will occur around November 12, 2019, how will you prepare?

- Ayesha El-Amin