Good Things Are Coming

Six weeks ago, we made the decision to post-pone the date of SummerSoulstice 2020. While it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, there was no way we could fully comprehend or envision the devastating global impact of COVID-19. Surely life would be return to normal in a few weeks.

It still hasn’t.

Normal is something we are all having to redefine right now. Life right now is uncertain; we are all feeling overwhelmed, scared and grateful all at the same time. Life right now, as always is abundant with change.

This time has changed the way we all seek and find connection and community. So, what’s next for SummerSoulstice LA? While we hope you’re able to comfortably tend to your necessary needs, the SSLA team is observing, listening and asking questions for how to best serve our community. We’re committed to ensuring that our next steps forward are meaningful and impactful.

While this year’s festival will be virtual, good things are coming.

Stay well, stay strong.


Hanan & Nia