8 Tips to Stay Sane While Staying at Home

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

First, wherever you are in the world, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. The SSLA team is split, hunkering down between Los Angeles and Washington, DC. While we’re all social distancing, it’s important to remain emotionally connected to ourselves and each other. Ahead are things our team is doing to boost our moods and stay connected during this time.

1. Create Space

Make your space livable and work for you. Whether you’re working from home all day or not, tidy up, clean up, rearrange furniture to make your space work for your needs. Our homes have now turned into the office, gym, restaurant and bar. Also transform the energy of your space/rooms with incense, candles or a diffuser.

2. Get in Rhythm

Create a rhythm to your day. Create a new normal for your day by creating a schedule for yourself. Get up, workout, get coffee, address emails, etc. This is basic but necessary.

3. Move!

Getting some fresh air on your porch, backyard, or balcony is great way to boost overall well-being. Staying physically active is critical right now. There are tons of streaming workouts (including Yoga and Pilates) on Instagram, YouTube and all over the web. Really get creative and workout together with friends via webcam. The Tree South LA has virtual yoga classes.

4. Stay Connected

While we can’t physically be together, love on friends and family virtually with phone calls, video calls, Zoom, virtual happy hours, play games with friends online (Words with Friends, Duolingo are two fun apps).

5. Set Goals for this Time

Set goals for progressing your health, your business, etc. Study a new language, take a class online, refocus on your business. What do you want to have accomplished with this time?

6. Empower Yourself and Others

The impacts of COVID-19 on our community have been vast. Here are a few ways you can support local businesses and neighbors:

  • Purchase gift cards

  • Buy tickets to future events to show support

  • Write reviews, engage online with local businesses

  • Make online purchases

  • Offer grocery store runs or meal delivery to elderly and immunocompromised

  • Contribute financially to food banks (Feeding American, Meals on Wheels, Save the Children, No Kid Hungry, Blessings in a Backpack, World Central Kitchen. Also reach out to your local Councilmember for ways you may be able to help.)

  • Virtual tip jars. Service industry workers have been economically devastated as bars and restaurants have been closed for weeks in some cities. (Virtual Tip Jar, DC Virtual Tip Jar)

7. Wear Regular Clothes

Change out of your pajamas in the morning. Even change if you change into something as comfortable as pajamas, it’s important to change and set the tone for your day.

8. Don’t Day Drink

This can easily get out of hand. Wait for happy hours😉